Boat diving

Boat diving enables you to explore spectacular dive sites that are a long way from the shore or difficult to reach. Boat diving enables you to explore spectacular dive sites that are a long way from the shore or difficult to reach. This program covers the extra knowledge that you need to make your first diving boat trip a success.

Science of Diving

The Science of Diving course takes a detailed, comprehensive look at all the areas of diving knowledge, including Physics, Decompression Theory, Underwater Environment and Diving Equipment.

Shark ecology

The Shark Ecology course is one of our most popular courses. A lot of divers clearly find sharks fascinating. This course will introduce you to the amazing world of sharks.

Sea Turtle Ecology

All divers like sea turtles. On your diving trips you’ll be able to enjoy seeing them. On this course you’ll learn how many species of sea turtles there are in the world’s oceans. You’ll learn about their biology, ecology and behavior.

Marine Ecology

On this course you’ll learn all about different ecosystems and their biodiversity. You’ll be introduced to marine ecology and oceanography. And you’ll discover the human impact on the marine environment.

Coral identification

Coral reefs are the favorite marine ecosystem for divers. This is because of the huge biodiversity of animal species that they are home to. On this course you’ll learn how to identify some coral families. You’ll learn about their basic structure, their biology and their importance in the formation of coral reefs. You’ll also learn just how important it is to conserve them.

Fish Identification

The Fish Identification course is designed to provide general information about the families of fish to be found in the Caribbean, the Indo-Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. You’ll learn how to look for morphological and behavioral features that will help you to identify all sorts of species of fish.

React Right (first aid)

The React Right course is the SSI program that teaches you what to do in emergency situations. It provides theory and practical training in first aid, CPR, oxygen administration and AED. A very useful course and not only for diving!

Diver Stress and Rescue

This program prepares you for unexpected emergencies that may arise and helps you to prevent and avoid them. It will teach you all about preventing accidents and how to deal with situations that may arise. You’ll learn how to avoid, recognize and deal with problems both on the surface and underwater.
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